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The Invitation (A Game Designer Interview)

Hello fellow readers,

I am humbled and overjoyed by the wonderful game designers of Two Rooms and A Boom. On their Tuesday Knight Games Podcast, Alan Gerding and Sean McCoy answered a multitude of questions about themselves and about their interpretations of leadership. Alan and Sean are full of quirks and wit, yet had such beautiful and astute thoughts, especially about increasing diversity within the game design industry. They believe there needs to be more inclusive hiring and that it needs to be more publicized by men that there are not many women in the game design industry. Employers need to go beyond believing in empowering women and actually taking action in the game design industry. Overall, they believe we must be more inclusive even when playing board games and get out of our comfort zones to invite women and people of color more into the conversation. Be kind and invite others to the game table!

I am so grateful that they chose to answer an email from a college girl at a small town university. They were super excited to answer my questions and I am ecstatic that they chose to put the interview in their podcast.  

Check out the podcast to learn more:

(If you are pressed for time, they start answering my questions a little before 19 minutes)

With joy,



P.S. Always remember to invite people to the table. People want to be chosen and loved. You can help others feel wanted and loved and chosen just by inviting them to play a game.

Poetic Entry

Anxiety. Dread. Panic.

Three words described how I felt about taking this class.

Why am I doing this to myself?

Yes, I thrive from the energy of others.

Yet, I am afraid.

What will people think?

Trouble, Scattergories, Candyland: three games that I love.

What will people think?

I am the observer. I am the encourager.

What will people think?

I am not a player.

What will people think?


Slowly walking towards my fears.

Slowly walking towards what I dread.

Yet, there is light.



My best friend.

Slowly walks with me.


Looks at the world with hope.


And then

I relax.


The smell of ornately decorated cupcakes.

The sound of joyful laughter.

The sight of random compilation of people.


Perhaps, I will thrive.


The Resistance: Avalon

What is this?

Sounds intimidating.

Classmates: clever & knowledgeable.

Me: baffled & confused.


8 people.

5 good. 3 evil.

I hope I am good.

I hope I do not have to talk.

I hope I do not have to be the leader.



I am a loyal servant of Arthur.

I am good.

Still baffled.


Good wins.


Round 2.

Of course.

I am Merlin.

Still baffled.

What do I do?

I listen.

I attempt to persuade.

People accuse.

How do people bluff?

Others listen to the man with the most knowledge.

I am not heard.

Somehow good wins.

But, I am discovered.

The knowledgeable assassin reigns.

Evil wins.


What did I just play?


I did not expect to talk.

Talk, I did.

Baffled, I am.


We laughed.

This quirky group of ours.

We learned.

We observed.

We noticed.

We played.


Elders & Wise Men lead.

The Blind follow.

The Baffled laugh.

The Curious seek.


All together, we play.