Two Rooms and a Boom

This week we played “Two Rooms and a Boom”, this was my first time playing this game and I enjoyed it. This game is focused on challenging your communication skills, strategic thinking, and reading others’ minds. This game is focused primarily on two teams, the Red and Blue teams each team has a president and a bomber. As the Red team tries to get the president and the bomber in the same room, the Blue team must prevent this.
The hardest part about this game was reading people’s minds and strategic thinking throughout every round. Switching rooms throughout each round made it very hard as information was shared in each room in a secretive manner. The limited time clock also made this game very difficult as you have to be quick with your actions and what clues to find in each round.
“Two Rooms and a Boom” showcases a variety of leadership skills such as persuasion, influence, and making important decisions under pressure. Leaders in the game have to make crucial decisions each round on who to send into the other room to gather important information. Leaders are different each round which makes the focus of leadership very important in this game, adapting each round is very important. Overall, this game was very fun to play and I think my friend Jack would love this game as he is very interested in competitive games and environments.