Mysterium Game Reflection

This past week we played Mysterium in class. In my opinion the hardest part of the game was deciphering the ghosts clues as they were very abstract. This pertains to leadership as we had to go outside of our own minds and imagine what someone else may be thinking. The first thing I would notice about a card was not the first thing my teammates would notice.

I think anyone who enjoys playing clue would enjoy Mysterium. They are very similar games but Mysterium is more detailed and the abstract cards are such a fun addition. This game also adds the element of teamwork which isn’t present in clue. Instead of working against each other to solve the murder and its details you are working against the clock.

The first play session my teammate and I didn’t choose the same answer as we interpreted the abstract cards differently. This caused us to lose the game. The second round I was the ghost, I consistently abstract cards that went with the color scheme or had a similar object as the other card. My teammates were able to figure out how I was thinking and what I was noticing about the cards. We won the second game and shared what we first noticed about each card. We quickly realized our eyes always went to very different aspects of the card.