Game of the Week: Forbidden Island

For this week’s game we had two options Pandemic or Forbidden Island. My group chose to play Forbidden Island. In my opinion, the hardest part about this game was strategizing as a team. Everyone in my group had different methods of strategizing so when it came time to make plan we all had very different ideas. We ended up having to share ideas to figure out the best way to beat the game; this is how it ties to leadership. Leadership is not about being the only one to make decisions but rather being open to hearing other opinions and working together.

I would recommend this game to anyone who wants to improve their teamwork skills. Forbidden Island forces you to communicate with your teammates or it is impossible to defeat the game. At first, my team and I kept losing very early on in the game because we were not discussing strategy. Once we started talking we were able to beat the game pretty quickly. Instead of leaving everyone to decide what to do with their own turns we began discussing how the turns could be used to benefit the good of the team.

I have never been the biggest fan of games where you have to work together to defeat the game itself. Being pretty shy, it is hard for me to talk to others if I don’t know them well. Communicating is probably the most integral part of Forbidden Island. That being said it was a great way for me to become more comfortable communicating with people I am unfamiliar with. I really loved the concept of the game and had a great time playing it.