Game of the Week Blog Reflection Week 10: D&D Week 2

This week in Tabletop Leadership, we finished our D&D session. In this session, the people who have never played D&D before got better because we learned a lot from the first session. The hardest part about this game is the decisions you have to make. My health was really low this week, so I was afraid to do anything aggressive. We even had disagreements on what to do next, so we had to work together as a group to decide what is best.

The game has ties to leadership because there are a lot of decisions you have to make. Leaders have to constantly make tough decisions and use their resources. I had low health in this session so I had to be mindful of that when deciding what to do with an enemy. I think my friend Canon would enjoy this game because he is competitive and likes to think things through. In D&D, he would think ahead a lot in order to make the best decision on what to do. He would act as a leader and make sure the group benefits from every choice.

I really enjoyed my time playing D&D. It wasn’t as tough as I thought it was going to be. I like the story aspect and I would compare it to playing a role playing video game. My favorite thing about the game is that you can make every session completely different. I would want to make my character completely different next time so that I can do all new things. There is nothing I dislike about the game because our session went so well and the experienced people did a good job helping those of us who have never played.