Game of the Week Blog Reflection: Fiasco Week 1

This week, we played another game called Fiasco, which is also a roll player game. In this game, we need to create and define our own relationships, needs, objects, locations and so on. And we need to make all of these into a story, which is fun. However, the hardest part for me is also to make a story by this information, I am not a very creative person, so it was very difficult for me to put all this information together and make up a story that worked.

I think for the leadership in this game, the most important is every player should actively communicate their ideas, because every choice they make affects not just them but everyone else, and every decision affects the direction of our own story. I think me and my roommates might be able to enjoy this game because we always play other games together, so it is easy and comfortable for us to communicate our ideas.

During the session, there were 4 group members besides me. After we all connected in, we chose Boomtown and set the boundaries which we did not remove anything actually, and we just finished chose and defined our relationships, needs, locations and objects. The session went pretty good since all my group members actively communicated our ideas. I like this game because I never played this kind of game before, it requires people to exchange their ideas to others so that they can make their own story which is cool. Since I am not a creative person, my personal value in this game is to take note so that things will no mess up which is also very important. Because if people do not remember what they chose, they will waste time to redo it, and it will cause us to fall behind schedule.