Fiasco (Week 2)

During the second week of Fiasco, we began with the Tilt and the most chaotic part of the game. The storyline took a turn and I was no longer the central antagonist to the plot. It was fun to see what other players came up with to mitigate the story and make things more interesting. We finally hit the conclusion and wrapped up the game where everyone’s fate besides one player was ugly and unfavorable.

Overall, the game played out well over the two weeks, however there were many downsides. Being online for this game made it difficult to keep scenes flowing and interesting. There were numerous times where the zoom call went silent and no one could find the initiative to continue the story. I think if we were in person it would be a lot easier to avoid this issue.

Fiasco contains many elements that tie to leadership. For one, a person who is constantly active in the role playing aspect and keeps the story going, I think is considered a leader in this game. This person for us was Julia. She was always enthusiastic and pushed me and the other players on the path of developing abstract stories. Not only this, but Julia also delegated leadership onto others, via the storytelling. If someone’s character ended up to be more important to the story, they could then see themselves at the new leader of game. It was interesting how roles changed drastically throughout the game.