Cant Stop/ Incan Gold

This was one of my favorite weeks of class. I’m fascinated by games based off chance and probability and games like Can’t Stop gave me inspiration to construct a game of chance for my final game presentation. I had never played this game before so I was determined to use my knowledge of probability and statistics to give myself a competitive edge over the other players. I ended winning a good majority of the games in fact. I quickly discovered that having the numbers 6,7, and 8 was the most powerful way of advancing up the board, since they are the most common roll combinations when throwing two dice.

This game was actually very simple to run virtually and honestly probably quicker than in person because the game would tell you automatically which lanes you could and couldn’t move up in as opposed to calculating that yourself. This game was fun and everyone in my group enjoyed it. Everyone was laughing and even routing for others when someone would go on a 10+ roll streak. The pace of play was rapid fire and we got multiple games in within our class session which I think is perk to the game. Unfortunately, we could not run Incan Gold over Tabletopia, so my group ended up playing Can’t Stop for the whole session. We had a lot of fun playing this game and I think this is one that I will show to my poker buddies back at home, since they also enjoy games that are probability based.