Game of the Week: Betrayal

In class this past week, we played Betrayal at House on the Hill. I had never heard of this game (I have not heard of most games that we will play in class), but I read the instructions and prepared for class as usual. After reviewing the instructions a handful of times and watching instructional videos, I still did not get the gist of the game, but figured I would probably pick up on it when we started playing in groups.

The two other people at my table were very helpful in explaining how to play the game, but I still did not understand the objective. They held my hand and led me through proper game instruction as we progressed. All I know is that one of the players became the Traitor and battled me twice, killed me off (twice) and that is how he won. The turn-to-turn game interaction was fun and gave me ideas for my own board game that I need to design.

Each of us chose a character that had different stats and advantages. As we drew cards, our stats could improve or we could get injured, thus leaving us with some form of disadvantages. We could draw omens that would harm the group, items to help us improve, and events that made our character do something. There are several different endings to this game that are determined by rolling the die and reading that number in a little booklet. Our ending involved some dead bride who ended up doubly killing me when I was trying to get the corpse to the attic in time for the wedding.

Throughout the game, the two other players demonstrated a high level of leadership. They both guided me before and during game play, ensuring that I also had fun. It was a kind thing for them to do, considering they were both familiar with the game and I was brand new. Additionally, both of them displayed leadership when we understood who the Traitor was. They both led the team and made decision strategies for their “teams” (would be more applicable if there were more players to form teams) on how to win the game. Ultimately, my team lost due to two poor rolls of dice.

This game was fun, but given the opportunity, I do not think I would play this again. However, I think my dad would enjoy this game. He likes games that are intricate and involve different endings because they “add adventure to the games.” I will have to introduce Betrayal to him.

-Alexandra Bartkoske