Week 7 Game Reflection

This week we presented our game design ideas. My game was Darkest Seas and I really like the idea of it. I was really encouraged by the notes and suggestions that our professors had on the game as well as with the suggestions they had as to what games we could play to get ideas about how to implement the ideas we had for the games. I think the hardest part of my game is frankly going to first be the groundwork. There are so many unique items that need created and I do not have the money or time to dedicate to making them well. This is especially hard because of my strong desire to make it well. I have so many ideas for it and knowing that I will have to cut down on so many just to get a functioning prototype for finals week is really rough when I feel that it could be so much. My game will have a lot of strong ties to leadership due to the rotating captains roles that are key to the game. Ultimately, that person must make a final decision and that is something a lot of leaders can struggle with. Hopefully my game can inspire someone to become a more confident leader in their daily lives. I hope all of my friends would like it but I especially think my roommate Chris would enjoy it because he helped me thinktank it! I would be a little sad if he did not like the game he helped create.