Captain Sonar Reflection

I think I really liked Captain Sonar. Even if the first few games were somewhat incredibly frustrating. It was still fun the last game where I felt like I could finally have confidence in my crew on what was actually happening because we finally knew the rules well. I played as the captain the whole time and first mate as well for the last bit. I think the hardest part is getting to a point of understanding with your crew where you end up finding the enemy ship and tracking it down repeatedly despite them using silenced running and having 3 options for directions to run in. It is a great feeling once you overcome the challenge though and I would definitely be open to playing the game again with an experienced crew. I think the game also required a significant amount of game literacy from the logic standpoint. Especially for the sonar crewmember in order to be good the first time they play. I do not know if I would get it initially, but I definitely did by the third playthrough to the point where I was able to explain what different situations must mean in relation to our predictions on the sonar map. This was what ultimately enabled us to achieve the situation mentioned above. The engine system was probably the biggest obfuscation otherwise though because the first two games, there were several times where I tried to do things and realized later that actually I could not perform those actions and had stopped play for no reason. Overall though I really liked this game and I think my roommate Chris might too after he learned it. He can be a fan of strategy from time to time and I think he might appreciate the opportunity to maybe take some ideas from this games implementation and use them to find ways to implement some of our own ideas from Darkest Seas.