Palaanswa ‘Francis Godfroy’ ca. 1840

George Winter (British, 1810-1876)
Palaanswa ‘Francis Godfroy’, ca. 1840
Watercolor on paper
Tippecanoe County Historical Association, L-21

This painting of Palaanswa was completed from notes George Winter took down in late 1830s. The wide legging flaps and moccasins were likely covered in diamond pattern ribbonwork which the artist depicted as lines of red, black, and white. His clothing and the ribbonwork decoration were likely produced by his two wives – Seekaahkweeta and Saakacaahkwa – with help from his five older daughters. These same women likely helped to produce some of the ribbonwork objects pictured with Palaanswa’s son, Waapanaakikaapwa ‘Gabriel Godfroy,’ which can be found in the “Losing” section of this exhibition.