Oonsaahšinihkwa ‘Jane Bundy Slocum’

Photographer unknown
Oonsaahšinihkwa ‘Jane Bundy Slocum’ (1815-1877), date unknown
Photograph Image courtesy of Indiana Historical Society

Oonsaahšinihkwa was the daughter of Šiipaakana, a Myaamia headman, and Mahkoonsihkwa ‘Frances Slocum,’ an American captive. She likely made the ribbonworked clothing that she is wearing in this photo as well as the blanket in the case. Oonsaahšinihkwa’s wrap skirt has approximately forty layers of ribbon, which were cut, folded, and sewn into a wonderfully complex pattern. Sadly, many of the details of this pattern are lost due to the graininess of the image. For this photo, she also tied a wearing blanket around her waist, similar to the one in the case.