mahkisina ‘Moccasins’, late 19th century

Myaamia mahkisina ‘Moccasins’, late 19th century
Buckskin, wool and silk with glass beads and porcupine quills
Collected by Milford Chandler in Wabash County, Indiana
Cranbrook Institute of Science, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, 2207

We learn from every ribbonwork object we get to see from the archives, and this is especially true with these moccasins. They were made by the women of the Mihšiinkweemiša family for a family member. In addition to the buckskin, silk ribbon, and wool, these moccasins include multi-colored porcupine quillwork on the center front seams. By studying objects like this, we have learned about construction as well as the patterns that are used in the ribbonwork designs. We have found that most Myaamia moccasins have matching designs on the outside flaps and a separate matching design on the inside flaps.