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CPAC Member Subcommittee Assignments

Audience at a Lilly Conference


Jennifer Fox, CPAC Representative

The function of the Benefits Committee is to represent University Senate and advise the senior administration on policies involving benefits currently and potentially available to faculty and staff. Current benefits include but are not limited to healthcare insurance, dental benefits plan, long-term disability insurance, group life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment insurance, Flexible Spending Accounts, retirement options, tax-deferred annuities, fee waivers, sick leave, and vacation.

The Committee shall work closely with the President and the Vice President of Finance and Business Services. The Committee shall establish its agenda based on the recommendations of the President and members of the President’s Executive Council and on matters brought to it by University Senate. The Committee shall report regularly to University Senate.

Campus Planning

Bonnie Crabtree, CPAC Representative

The function of the Campus Planning Committee is to represent the University Senate in the process of planning and maintaining the physical plant of the institution in order to ensure that the environment and facilities are appropriate to the University’s mission. The Committee shall review Campus Planning Project Requests (required for any alteration in the exterior campus environment and for major alterations to campus building interiors); review proposed capital improvement priorities; and review, adopt, and update periodically a set of Patterns that serve as design guidelines for any campus planning project. The Committee shall report both to University Senate and to the senior administration, namely to the President, the Provost, and the Vice President for Finance and Business Services.

Classified Compensation Committee

Lisa Boggs, CPAC Representative

In December of 2016, this committee received information related to the competitive position of Miami’s pay rates compared to the market. Immediate pay rate adjustments were made and in addition, the Classified Compensation Committee will continue to meet through the spring semester to develop further recommendations related to Miami’s classified compensation structure to better align compensation with a market-based structure.

Council on Diversity and Inclusion (CODI)

April Turner, CPAC Representative

The functions of the Council on Diversity and Inclusion are to advise the President and the Provost on matters of diversity and to engage in and facilitate long-range planning to:

  • build an intellectual community that recognizes that diverse experiences create a rich educational experience for all students,
  • foster an inclusive campus climate,
  • foster the development of diversity-related competencies among faculty, staff, and students;
  • assess and identify trends, progress, and problems pertaining to campus diversity and climate; and
  • facilitate University-wide dialogue to promote understanding and constructive exchange of views on matters of diversity.

Fiscal Priorities and Budget Planning

Alicia Miller, CPAC Representative

The Fiscal Priorities Budget Committee is a Senate committee. The committee is composed of (5) faculty members, (1) classified staff member, (1) unclassified staff member, (1) undergraduate student, (1) graduate student and two ex-officios. The ex-officio members serve as liaisons to provide data, information and expertise to the committee. These two members come from the Office of the Provost and the Office of Finance and Business Services. This committee reports directly back to Senate with recommendations on important issues. CPAC elects one of its members to serve on this committee preferably throughout the tenure of the CPAC member.

Regional Campus Updates

Tonya Moryl and Amanda Lehmann, CPAC Representatives

The Miami Regionals recently established a Regional Staff Forum consisting of classified and unclassified staff.

The standing initiatives of the Staff Forum are:

  • Staff welfare.
  • Continuing education and scholarship and grants.
  • Non-academic polices and planning.

University Senate

Cheryl Chafin, CPAC Representative

Senate meets on a regular basis and is the primary governance body for the university. The Board of Trustees delegates to Senate the responsibility of debating university issues and voting on policies and actions such as curriculum, educational programs/courses, faculty welfare, etc.

UPAC Liaison

Alicia Miller and Amy Newsom, CPAC Representatives

The Unclassified Personnel Advisory Committee (UPAC) was established to advise the President, Vice Presidents, and Human Resources on matters of interest and concern to unclassified staff members in the context of the whole university community.