Employer Spotlight: Bridge Logistics

A photo of three tractor trailers driving at sunrise with trees in the background. Bridge Logistics's logo is in the upper right corner.

Bridge Logistics is a third-party logistics firm that provides specialized shipping and transportation solutions for businesses across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Below, Recruitment Specialist Liz Alt offers advice for students who are pursuing full-time and internship opportunities.

A head shot of Liz Alt.
Liz Alt

What makes a candidate stand out to you during the recruiting and interview process?

Individuals that are hungry and excited about the role, while staying humble and smart, often make it far in our interview process. Additionally, candidates who stay engaged throughout the process and show their interest through email or social media interactions always stand out.

What advice would you give students to set themselves up for success as they pursue internships and their post-graduation goals?

Network! Use platforms like LinkedIn to connect with companies that you are interested in working for. Send messages to hiring managers or employees. Student engagement does not go unnoticed. 

What have you observed that sets Miami University candidates apart from others?

One word comes to mind: professionalism. Miami students are always well prepared and professional when interacting with employers. Their eagerness and excitement to enter the workforce is contagious and leads to excellent conversations.

Become a Logistics Account Executive

Our 12-month development program teaches you how to build relationships, find creative ways to advise your customers on industry trends, and find solutions for customers who need assistance managing their freight. After you complete training, you will continue to build your business, help fuel our company’s growth, and work alongside your operations team to help drive success. Learn more about this opportunity on Handshake.

About Bridge Logistics

Bridge Logistics is a Cincinnati-based, third-party logistics company that is committed to breaking the stereotypes of the sales and logistics industries. Its vision is to build genuine relationships and grow with its clients. Bridge Logistics is always looking to add individuals who share these passions to its sales and operations teams. Learn more about its available opportunities by visiting its Handshake profile.