Employer Spotlight: ALDI

A picture of an ALDI store with colorful clouds in the background. ALDI's logo is in the upper right corner.

ALDI, a Miami University Career Partner, is a German multinational discount supermarket chain that operates over 10,000 stores in 20 countries. Below, District Manager Anne Marie Rice ’20 gives advice for students who are pursuing full-time and internship opportunities.

A head shot of Anne Marie Rice
Anne Marie Rice ’20

What makes a candidate stand out to you during the recruiting and interview process?

There are numerous factors that can help a candidate stand out during the recruiting process. One very important factor is preparedness. Candidates truly shine when they have researched the company they are interviewing with. Having prepared questions for us shows you are invested in the process.

What advice would you give Miami students to set themselves up for success as they pursue internships and their post-graduation goals?

Effective use of time is a critical skill. I encourage students to define their priorities and then allocate time on a daily and weekly basis in order to accomplish these goals in the necessary time frame. This is true for both professional goals and personal goals. 

What have you observed that sets Miami candidates apart from others?

Miami candidates are curious to learn and ask many questions to get to the root of a problem. This tenacity to understand allows them to be successful in uncovering the cause of a problem so they can appropriately address it with an effective solution.

Intern for ALDI

Our District Manager Internship provides more real-world experience than any other position out there. You’ll see our stores from the inside and work hands on with district managers running multi-million dollar businesses. You’ll learn what makes us America’s fastest growing grocery retailer and why joining our team is the best opportunity in the country. Successful completion of this internship may lead select individuals to a full-time opportunity upon graduation. Learn more and apply on Handshake

About ALDI 

ALDI is one of the nation’s fastest-growing  retail stores. Originally the world’s first discount grocery store located in Germany, it came to the United States in 1976. Today, with its corporate headquarters located in Batavia, Illinois, it has grown to 2,000+ stores across 36 states with 25,000+ employees.

At ALDI you’ll have the opportunity to jumpstart your career. You’ll gain valuable experience with a company that has aggressive growth plans for your future and ours. ALDI is currently on pace to become the United State’s third-largest retailer by store count by 2022’s end. More stores means more opportunity for you to grow your career and have an impact on your company’s success. Learn more about ALDI and its available opportunities by visiting its Handshake profile.