Career Paths: Dante Rossi ’20

A graphic reading "'Business is about people. Practice empathy. Make connections. Grow your network through authenticity.' - Dante Rossi ' 20, Consultant for Capgemini Invent." Pictures Dante.

Dante Rossi is a Consultant, Workforce and Organization for Capgemini Invent. A 2020 graduate who earned his B.A. in Anthropology and his B.S. Finance, he was the first in his family to attend college. During his time at Miami University, he served as Student Body Vice President, was the President of the Honors Student Advisory Board, and completed a minor in French. Learn about his Career Path below.

How did you reach your current position?

At Miami, I started freshman year studying biology in the pre-medicine track. After one semester of chemistry, I had had enough. I was taking Anthropology 145 (Ancient Cities & Civilizations) as part of the Miami Plan and thought it was way cooler than what I was studying. On a whim, I changed my major to anthropology, a discipline I had never even heard of before. I loved cultural anthropology but knew I wanted to eventually work in business and had to figure out how to connect the two. As a junior, I began to pursue a finance degree. By Career Fair season, I knew the best way to marry my two disciplines was through consulting. I ultimately landed at Capgemini Invent, a strategy and technology firm based in France, thanks to my background in finance, anthropology, and French. I now work in our people practice, lead our North America DE&I Council, and sit on the board for our global LGBTQ+ ERG that serves an organization of 350,000 employees.

How did Miami University set you up for success in your career?  

Miami provided me opportunities to study abroad, complete independent research in the Baltic states, lead in student government, and study two (at least on paper) unrelated disciplines. Essentially, Miami helped me become a well-rounded person ready for the world beyond college. The liberal arts mantra is no joke, and my best advice is to enjoy all of the exposure to diverse topics and fields of study while you can.

What is your best piece of career advice for current college students?

Business is about people. Practice empathy. Make connections. Be mindful of what others might be going through. Grow your network through authenticity. These things will take you much further, professionally and personally, than memorizing a CAGR formula or learning how to ace a case interview.