Career Fair Tips: Resumes

A graphic reading "Nucor Raw Materials Career Fair Tips. Part 1: Resumes. Presenting sponsor of Miami University's 2023 Spring Career and Internship Fair on February 15."

Welcome to our Career Fair Tips series! In part one, we’ll cover resumes. At Nucor Raw Materials Group, we look for integrity, drive, and innovation in candidates. When we review resumes, we want to see what you’ve accomplished in your career, what skills you’ll bring to our organization, and how your experience matches the job for which you applied. If you don’t feel the experiences you have match the positions you want, there’s still a strong chance they do. Really think about what you did in ANY position and how you can connect those skills to the position at hand. Here are five tips to help you craft an eye-catching resume:

1) Use keywords from the job posting

Thoroughly read the postings for jobs that interest you. Use the keywords that the employer uses to describe its ideal candidate in your resume where relevant. For example, when we are hiring for a Sales Trainee, we look for skills such as drive, passion, and the desire to win. Always do your best to accentuate how you are a match for the position. Again, tie it back to an experience and have examples to pull it all together.

2) Craft an original template

We love originality! While it’s helpful to refer to a professional template, don’t follow it too rigidly. When structuring your resume, present the information in a logical order to call attention to your qualifications. If you do use a template, be absolutely sure you have taken all of the “canned” information out. We see resumes everyday where people forget to add in the personal details.

3) Use active language

Make sure you use the active voice. “Led a diverse team that focused on innovation” is more dynamic than “I have managed a diverse team that focused on metrics.” Choose unique and powerful action verbs to highlight your skills, experience, and accomplishments. This will capture our attention.

4) Demonstrate results with metrics

Quantify your success with numbers. Using metrics can show how you positively impacted your previous place of employment or student organization. For example, if you were the president of a student organization that ran 40 events over the course of a semester, you should showcase that number.

5) Check for errors

Make sure you proofread your resume. Take a close look at your spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Ensure the spacing and text size is correct, as issues with these may be perceived as sloppiness or lack of technical expertise. And make sure it’s addressed to the correct employer! We hate to see when a well-crafted resume is addressed to our competitor. It’s always a good idea to ask a trusted friend, family member, or mentor to look at your resume.

Nucor Raw Materials is the presenting sponsor of Miami University’s 2023 Spring Career and Internship Fair. The fair is scheduled for Wednesday, February 15 from 1-5 p.m. in Millett Hall. It is the first of five fairs that will take place during the Spring Semester.

To register for the Spring Career and Internship Fair, or to view the participating employers, visit Handshake. To have your resume printed before the fair, complete the Center for Career Exploration and Success’s Resume Printing Form.

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