Student Spotlight: Layah Busbee

This week we’re spotlighting Layah Busbee, a senior majoring in political science and spanish. Layah recently worked virtually as a Wealth and Investment Management Intern for the Private Client Group at Wells Fargo in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She is excited to share her virtual internship advice with us!

  • Majors: Political Science and Spanish
  • Internship/Job Title: Wealth and Investment Management Intern
  • Company: Wells Fargo- Private Client Group
  • Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

What were your biggest takeaways from a virtual internship?

Ask for what you want! The virtual world is such a new experience for everyone, including employers. Do not be afraid to ask questions, give feedback and even offer suggestions. I realized this was a great way to show that I was actively engaged every day and demonstrate that I can add value as a problem solver.

What do you wish you had known before you started your virtual internship?

I wish that I had known how easy it is to speak to different people throughout the company. While I was in Wealth and Investment Management (WIM), I was given multiple projects that required me to collaborate with people in marketing, accounting, human resources and so much more. It wasn’t until my last two weeks that I realized that these same people would love to show me what they do and discuss their jobs as well. Take advantage of those opportunities to learn everything you can, while you can.

Do you think you were able to get out of the internship the same amount of learning and opportunities that you would have if it was in-person?

While the internship was modified, I believe that I was given the best learning opportunities possible under the circumstances. I was able to ask questions, learn new techniques and build and strengthen other skills. Of course, there were many opportunities that were difficult to take advantage of virtually, but Wells Fargo did a great job making sure interns had a valuable experience.

How would you suggest to prepare for a virtual internship?

Take time to figure out what you would like to gain at the end of your internship experience. If you’re looking to strengthen your presentation skills, ask for a project. If you want to gain a full time offer, go into your internship and make as many connections as you can. It’s extremely important to know your why because only you can ensure you come out of this experience knowing more than you did when you began. Finally, be confident in yourself. You earned it!