Meet Career Champion Christopher Berry (’20)

“I can’t even begin to describe how instrumental the Career Center has been for me these past four years.” This is Christopher Berry (‘20), an Economics & Political Science double major with a minor in International Business. Christopher has been using the Center for Career Exploration and Success since his freshman year, when he and his dad stopped by for a drop-in advising appointment and he “genuinely had no idea what [he] wanted to do.” Now, he’s a graduating senior and one of our Career Champions.

This year, our Career Advisors and Employer Relations team wanted to recognize students who they’ve seen to be curious and passionate about their future careers as Career Champions. The award acknowledges students’ demonstrated investment in their own career exploration and success. These students, like Christopher, take what they learn in advising sessions and networking workshops into the real world. 

From his first meeting, Christopher is a testament to his own hard work as well as the fact that you don’t have to be a freshman—or even know what field you want to work in—to make the most out of your advising appointment. “[My first Career Advisor] Matt Yepez was patient and insightful at that first meeting, and we were able to develop a strong relationship that carried on to [my current Career Advisor] Michael Turner,” says Christopher. “They’ve guided me through major transitions, provided me with advice prior to three career fairs, and took a personal interest in my growth and future career.” 

Now, Christopher is graduating with a full-time job offer in his field of interest, but not his major. “Michael really pushed for me to apply to jobs outside of my two majors,” he says. “I’m in a finance role as an economics and political science major, and a major part of that is because of how confident and well-prepared I was coming into the whole process which is a testament to the Career Center.” 

As Christopher showcases, your major doesn’t have to equal your career. By looking outside the traditional boundaries of Economics or Political Science, Christopher was able to expand his options and find a position he’s excited to take on. “All of his hard work and persistence paid off,” says Christopher’s Career Advisor, Michael Turner, who nominated him as a Career Champion. “He didn’t let his major dictate what positions he applied for and found success highlighting his skills and how he will add value. That confidence, follow-through, growth mindset makes him a career champion.”