5 Interviewing Tips from CCES

J1418 Career Fair

You rocked Career Fair and got the interview! Now what? Time to prep for the interview!

  1. Don’t just repeat everything that’s on your resume. This is your time to expand on that really awesome internship you had, or talk about what you learned during your study abroad trip. Employers look for soft skills and transferrable skills, so it’s important to be able to show you possess what they’re looking for.
  2. Research, research, research. Nothing looks worse than not being familiar with the company or the work you’d be doing. Research the position you’re applying for and come prepared with questions that demonstrate you’ve put a lot of time into understanding the company.
  3. Have concrete examples prepared to answer their questions. Of course you have no way of knowing with certainty what an interviewer will ask you, but you probably have a general idea. Try to understand what the employer is really getting at with their question; this will help you answer in a way that demonstrates you have the skills they’re really looking for. There’s nothing wrong with taking a few seconds to think about your answer, but it doesn’t come off great if they ask for an example from previous experiences and you can’t think of one.
  4. Practice! Whether you sit in front of a mirror, have a friend listen to you or do a mock interview, it’s important to actually speak your answers out loud. Not only will this help you sound more confident during the interview, but it will also help you catch if something doesn’t make sense the way it did in your head.
  5. Consider your fit. Not every company is going to be a place you should work. Determine prior to the interview what you’re looking for and research into whether this company fits that. Company culture is just as important as the actual work you’ll be doing.

To be as prepared as possible, stop by the Career Center (0045 Armstrong Student Center) to get your resume reviewed, speak with your career advisor or participate in a mock interview. Good luck!