How to network like a pro

Networking can be intimidating to anybody. But, it’s important to learn how to confidently network so you don’t miss out on opportunities.

It’s important to remember that networking isn’t about “what you can do for me” but is about “what we can do for each other.” Networking allows you to build a connection that can lead to a mutually beneficial relationship.

Some easy first steps to networking:

  1. Talk to people you are already familiar with, like friends and family.
  2. Identify people who are employed in your field of interest.
  3. Contact Miami alumni (via Miami Alumni connect) to learn more about career paths.
  4. Connect with your career community on LinkedIn to build your professional network.
  5. Attend a career center program or event where employers are focused on interacting with Miami students.

Remember that people generally like to help students and will be more than happy to give you advice. Don’t call a connection and ask for job, rather, ask to get coffee or to chat on the phone for 15 minutes so they can answer your questions. Be prepared to explain what you’re interested in doing and genuinely listen to what they’re telling you.