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Our Spring 2024 issue of Visual Arts at Miami is out now! The entire issue is available here (as a flip-through publication). Read on to learn more about the magazine as well as what’s in this issue.

About the Magazine

Visual Arts at Miami (VAAM) is a bi-annual publication of the Richard and Carole Cocks Art Museum showcasing visual arts at Miami University for members and the arts community.

The magazine is mailed to the homes of all of our members as a benefit of membership. Printed copies are also available for pick up in Oxford area coffee shops, local libraries and art centers. It is prduced two times per year and released at the start of the Spring and Fall semesters of Miami University (mid-January and mid-August). Visual Arts at Miami also is available digitally as flip-through issuu publication AND stories also are published through this web version of the publication.
Check the back cover for a map detail, contact information and hours.

Editor, Sherri Krazl
Printed by Hamilton Graphics

Inside this Issue

From the Director
About the Art Museum
Students In Focus
Envisioning the Future
Donor Spotlight: The Sollmanns
Collection News: Stewardship
McGuffey Moments
Exhibition: Minohsayaki
Exhibition: Capstone
Exhibition: The World In Which We Live
Ongoing Exhibitions
Upcoming Exhibitions
Hiestand Galleries
Exhibitions & Programs at a Glance


From the Editor

I’ve been thinking about how much more amazing this
Art Museum is BECAUSE of our students. I recall my first
year here, specifically the first break when the exhibitions
closed, the semester ended and things felt so different.
I decided then that making sure I had students to assist
year round even during breaks should be a priority! I
enjoy the energy, enthusiasm, and the willingness to both
learn and teach that from students on the team.
Fast forward to now, so much has changed at the Art
Museum, in Higher Ed and in the World. I’ll highlight
though specifically the changes pertaining to students at
the Art Museum. Although students have been engaged
here since it first opened in 1978 – it’s safe to say that the
number of students who visit, work, intern, and volunteer
has grown tenfold. Where we used to have maybe 2-3
students per semester actively immersed at the museum
we now have 2-3 students (or more) working with each
team member! Plus the 20+ students each year whose
works are on view in the Student Response Exhibition,
and the 12-20 students each Fall who help curate the
annual Art and Architecture History Capstone exhibition
(which opens this semester in its thirteenth iteration).
And the amazing students in the Art Museum Student
Organization (AMSO).
I am so thrilled with the transformation we have made
leveling up our experiential opportunities with Miami
students over the last 13 years. It’s a testament not only
to the passion for working with students by the fantastic
professional staff here but the incredible support that
we receive from faculty and partners throughout the
University in support of the core mission of Miami
providing a world class liberal arts education!
Could we do what we do without them? Probably not,
but would we want to? Most definitely, no – I am certain
all of my colleagues would agree that the very presence
of students working alongside us makes it all that much
more meaningful and hugely better! Meet a few of our
current students in the spotlight on page 6.

Krazl Signature
Sherri Krazl, Editor
Miami University Art Museum