Spring 2022 Visual Arts at Miami Magazine

Our Spring 2022 issue of Visual Arts at Miami is out now! The entire issue is available here (as a flip-through publication), however, all of our major stories from this issue will be published here on this blog! Read on to learn more about the magazine as well as what’s in this issue.

About the Magazine

Visual Arts at Miami (VAAM) is a bi-annual publication of the Miami University Art Museum (MUAM) showcasing visual arts at Miami University for members and the arts community.

Distributed in print via mailing to our membership, once released Visual Arts at Miami also is available digitally as flip-through issuu publication AND stories also are published through this web version of the publication.
Check the back cover for a map detail, contact information and hours.

Editor, Sherri Krazl
Printed by Hamilton Graphics

Inside this Issue

From the Editor

From the Director

About the Art Museum

People of MUAM: Students

Capstone Milestone and more

Collection News: Find Your Muse 

Fall 2022 Exhibitions Preview

McGuffey Moments 

Engage and Connect

Donor Spotlight: Jeffrey Horrell &
Rodney Rose

Exhibition: From the Ground Up
Exhibition: Reflections: Visual
Constructions of Race

Exhibition: Collections Highlights

People of MUAM: Krazl Celebrates 10

On the Grounds: Sculpture News

Spring A+ID Programs

Contemporary Art Lecture Series

Exhibitions & Programs at a Glance

Links to stories published on this blog will be added as they are posted. Other stories not linked here can be found in the Online Version linked at the top.

From the Editor

You know the old saying, time flies when you’re having fun? There is a lot of truth to that saying, and the last six months at MUAM has flown! We’ve been busy–busy in a good way with lots of stories, activities, class visits, class activities, virtual and in-person programs, and lots of guests. With that comes more interesting and cool stories to share with you all.  

As I prepared this issue of the Visual Arts at Miami magazine, I kept thinking of story after story that should be included. But,  if we included everything in these pages then it would quickly become a book! That said, I am pleased to remind you of the many ways that you can learn about the visual arts at Miami year-round! 

~News Stories, Exhibitions and Events on our web site
~Blog Posts on Moments @ MUAM
~Social Media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)
~Videos (YouTube Channel)
~Enewsletters (Subscribe to get yours)

For quick and easy access to all of these resources, please visit our Linktree at linktr.ee/miamiohartmuseum and if you don’t already, please, like, follow, subscribe and share.

And while you’re online, consider providing your feedback on these communications media including this magazine via our Winter Content Survey also accessible through the Linktree or by snapping the QR code below with your phone’s camera. We would love to hear from you to help us decide what you want to hear about and what you would like to see more of in 2022 as we create more content and revamp the Visual Arts at Miami magazine.  

If email is easier for you please feel free to send your comments and suggestions to me at krazlsa@MiamiOh.edu. 

Please get out and experience the Arts at Miami. They’re plentiful, engaging, inspiring and everywhere you look! 

Krazl Signature

Sherri Krazl, Editor
Miami University Art Museum