Selected Publications

Blitz DM, Christie AE, Cook A, Dickinson PS, Nusbaum MP (2019) Similarities and differences in circuit responses to applied Gly1-SIFamide and peptidergic (Gly1-SIFamide) neuron stimulation.  J Neurophysiol, 120:952-972. (Cover)

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Blitz DM, Pritchard AE1, Latimer JK1, Wakefield AT1 (2017) Muscles innervated by a single motor neuron exhibit divergent synaptic properties on multiple time scales. J Exp Biol, 220:1233-1244.

Blitz DM, Latimer JK1 (In preparation) Strength of network feedback determines modulatory state of motor system.

Blitz DM, Wakefield AT1, Latimer JK1 (In preparation) Central and peripheral peptide hormone actions sum non-linearly at the neuromuscular junction.

Rainey AN2, Mark MK1, Fukui S1, Blitz DM (In preparation) Long-distance projections of peptidergic neuroendocrine cells.

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1Undergraduate student authors, 2Graduate student authors

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