Dawn M Blitz
Department of Biology                                                 Office: 274 Pearson Hall                       Lab: 235E Pearson Hall
Miami University                                                           Phone: (513) 529-6327                         Lab Phone: (513) 529-3378
Oxford, OH 45056                                                       
Fax: (513) 529-6900


Graduate Students
Ryan Synder – Biology Graduate Program
Savanna-Rae Fahoum – Biology Graduate Program

Ryan Synder

Savanna-Rae Fahoum

Undergraduate Students
Akash Patel –  Kinesiology /Pre-medical studies co-major
Hailey King – Biology/Premedical Studies co-major/Neuroscience minor
Larissa Zeigler – Biology/Premedical Studies co-major/Spanish minor

Akash Patel

Larissa Zeigler

Hailey King

Former Lab Members
Amanda Rainey – Biology Graduate Program; After Miami: Southern Florida PhD Program
Ashley Laurent – Biology/Pre-medical studies, co-major/French minor
John Karikas –  Biology/Pre-medical studies co-major/Global Health minor
Jack Latimer – (BA in Biology/Philosophy; After Miami: Qualtrics)
Andrew Wakefield – (BS in Biology/Premedical studies+ Minor in Neuroscience, 2017; After Miami: Dental School)
Shelby Boyle – Zoology/Neuroscience co-major

Robert Spencer – (MS in Biology, 2016; Biologist, Advanced Testing Laboratory)
Evonne Swallie – (MA in Biology, 2014)
Stephanie Fukui – (BA in Zoology + Minors in Neuroscience and Spanish, 2016; After Miami: Medical School)
Jahnavi Munagala – (Biology/Premedical Studies major)
Lexi Monti – (BS in Kinesiology & Health + Minor in Neuroscience, 2015; After Miami: Nursing Program)
Katie Mark – (BA in Zoology 2014; After Miami: Nutrition/Public Health Graduate Program)
Amy Pritchard – (BS in Zoology + Minor in Neuroscience, 2014; After Miami: Clinical Research Coordinator)
Annie Printy – (Biology/Premedical studies major
Chris Satcher – (Zoology/Finance major, Neuroscience minor)

Amanda Rainey

Ashley Laurent

John Karikas

Amy Pritchard

evonne katie graduation

Katie Mark and Evonne Swallie

2014-04-17 10.42.53

Crab Girl

Lexi Monti


Stephanie Fukui

andrew wakefield data analysis

Andrew Wakefield

jack latimer rig

Jack Latimer