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**2014 Chapter of the Year!

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Educational Opportunities
Neural Systems and Behavior Course at the MBL
Learn about the neural basis of behavior and state of the art research approaches in a variety of organisms by watching lectures from the NS&B course (including Dr. Blitz’s lectures)!
Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL): All Education Opportunities 

Other MBL course lectures and special presentations.

Regional Neuroscience Meetings
Midwest/Great Lakes Undergraduate Research Symposium in Neuroscience
Ohio Miami Valley (OMV) Neuroscience Day


STEM Girls Day Out: The Blitz lab introduces the scientific method and electrical signaling in nervous and motor systems to 4th-9th grade girls through a program sponsored by the Cincinnati Museum Center and facilitated by Hefner Museum (Miami University)

Check out the beating crab heart in a dish!

Talawanda Science Week: Local elementary school students and their teachers learn about using crabs to study the brain, how the nervous system produces rhythmic behaviors, and how the crab heart beats.

Other outreach activities including serving as Science Fair judges, registration in the Society for Neuroscience Find a Neuroscientist directory, undergraduate student poster presentations to state and federal legislators through Miami University’s “Posters on the Hill”, and participation in Miami University’s “STEM Academic Exploration Program”.

Controlling teacher’s arm with someone else’s muscle activity!

Educational Resources

DANA Foundation


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