Where can I find a Webex Meeting that I’ve created?

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Finding a Webex Meeting is complicated because they can show up in 3 different places:

Google Calendar: Only Webex Meetings you’ve scheduled in Google Calendar (or someone invited you to from their own Google Calendar) will show up here.

Canvas: Only Meetings that you’ve scheduled for the course you’re in when you click the “Cisco Webex” link in its navigation bar are displayed in Canvas, i.e., there’s no place within Canvas where you can see all of the Webex meetings you’ve scheduled for all of your classes together in one list.

Webex website (miamioh.webex.com): All of the Webex Meetings you’ve scheduled will show up here, including ones that you created in Canvas.

For a meeting scheduled by someone else, if they sent you a link to it, you won’t see it in your meetings list; however, if they added you to the meeting via your email address, you’ll see it listed in our Webex website.

Note: Meetings that appear in the Webex website will also appear in the Webex desktop app if you’ve downloaded it to your computer or mobile device.