Top Hat

Top Hat is a cloud-based system that you can use to create interactive presentations, share live quizzes and polls, take attendance, and more. Students can use their smartphones, tablets, or laptops to actively participate with Top Hat in your face-to-face class, or you can create an interactive text to share in Canvas for your online class.

Miami faculty and staff can contact our Top Hat representative Holden Milligan at

What can I do with Top Hat?

With Top Hat, you can increase student participation in your classes by embedding interactive content in a presentation.


Take attendance quickly by prompting students to sign in on their devices using a unique code.


Capture feedback, including anonymous responses, by adding polling questions to your presentation.


Add discussion prompts to a presentation to start dialogue, check understanding, or track participation.


Add your own quiz questions or draw ones from premade banks to create live, interactive quizzes.

How much does Top Hat cost?

Top Hat’s subscription rates for students are $25 for four months, $40 for one year, and $82 for four years. It’s a time-based subscription, so students can expect to pay the same amount regardless of how many of their courses use it.

Where do I access Top Hat?

Top Hat will soon be integrated with Canvas, offering seamless one-click enrollment and Gradebook synchronization. More information on our Canvas-Top Hat integration will be available later this semester. If you’d like to try out Top Hat now, you can register for an account on its website (just be sure to use your Miami credentials). Registration instructions are available on the Support section of Top Hat’s website.

How do I use Top Hat?

We’ll have more detailed user guides available in the near future. For now, check out Top Hat’s Quick-Start Guide for faculty.

Where can I learn more about Top Hat?

Top Hat provides a wealth of online information that you can consult if you want to learn more about its features.

Video Tutorials

Check out Top Hat’s YouTube channel for a variety of helpful videos.


Visit the Accessibility at Top Hat page to learn about its design for diverse learners.

Text Tutorials

Visit the Top Hat Success Center to browse a comprehensive list of how-to articles.


Review Top Hat’s Privacy Policy page to learn how it handles users’ data.