Top Hat

Top Hat is an engagement platform that empowers educators to incorporate active learning into every area of their course.

Instructors use Top Hat during class to drive discussions, take live polls, and give students real-time feedback on how well they understand course concepts. Outside of class, Top Hat enables instructors to adopt and personalize interactive content, assignments, and assessments.

Top Hat also offers services such as group training, individual consultation, and instructional design support to help faculty achieve their desired course outcomes.

Miami faculty and staff can contact our Top Hat representative Holden Milligan at

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How much does Top Hat cost?

Miami University has partnered with Top Hat to provide their engagement platform to our faculty, students, and staff at no additional cost to you. In courses where the instructor uses a Top Hat Textbook or other content for a fee, students will be asked to pay for access during the registration process.

What can I do with Top Hat?

With Top Hat, you can increase student participation in your classes by embedding interactive content in a presentation.

Student Response and Assessment

Discussions: Foster collaboration, critical thinking and community by posing questions and discussion prompts students can answer on any device.

Polls & Quizzes: Keep your students engaged with 14 question types, including click-on-target, word answer and multiple choice, and immediately see how they’re responding.

Assignments and Exams: Make homework a learning experience with interactive assignments and multimedia. Our formative and summative assessments put students’ knowledge to the test.

Automatic Attendance: Automate attendance in any in-person or online course and get instant insights to help at-risk students.

Personizable Content

Pages Content Editor: Create interactive, personalized content that reflects your students and community.

Customizable Textbooks: Packed with interactive features and the ability to edit, Top Hat textbooks take dynamic learning to a new level.

Interactive Labs: Adopt and personalize virtual lab manuals with interactive diagrams, animations, and video demos.

Educator Tools and Insights

Real-Time Data: Top Hat creates actionable insights from attendance, quiz, poll, assignment and test data, so you can improve learning in the moment and over time

Accessibility: Our dynamic courseware is designed to meet or exceed internationally recognized accessibility standards and offers flexible options for individual students.

Canvas Integration: Top Hat seamlessly integrates with the Canvas LMS for a better course experience.

How do I use Top Hat?

Getting Started for Instructors

Top Hat Platform Training is Always On
Our series of live and on-demand webinars is designed to help faculty bring active learning to your course—and get comfortable using the features of the Top Hat platform. Watch on-demand or sign up for live webinars here.

How do I use Top Hat with Canvas?

Follow these steps to use Top Hat integrated with Canvas:

  1. Set up your Top Hat course
  2. Connect your Canvas course to Top Hat
  3. Learn about automatic roster sync
  4. Create deep links
  5. Learn about automatic grade sync
  6. Include information in your syllabus about how to get started

How do students use Top Hat?

Getting Started for Students 

Where can I learn more about Top Hat?

Top Hat provides a wealth of online information that you can consult if you want to learn more about its features.

Video Tutorials

Check out Top Hat’s YouTube channel for a variety of helpful videos.


Visit the Accessibility at Top Hat page to learn about its design for diverse learners.

Text Tutorials

Visit the Top Hat Success Center to browse a comprehensive list of how-to articles.


Review Top Hat’s Privacy Policy page to learn how it handles users’ data.