Proctorio is a remote proctoring application that enables monitoring students as they take high-stakes exams. It is fully integrated with Canvas and supported by Miami University.

Where do I access Proctorio?

First, make sure you’re using one of the following web browsers: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Opera, and Brave. Then, you’ll also need to install the Proctorio browser extension. If you are using Chrome, a shield icon in the top right of the browser reflects successful installation.

To enable Proctorio in your Canvas course, navigate to Settings > Navigation. Next, move Secure Exam Proctor from the lower selection of items (menu links that are hidden from students) to the upper selection of items (menu links that are visible to students). Make sure to Save your updates. Review the Canvas guide on managing course navigation links for more detailed instructions.

How do I use Proctorio?

How do I enable Proctorio in my quiz/exam?

Once you’ve enabled Proctorio in your Canvas course, you can apply Proctorio to any timed, graded quizzes/exams in the Quizzes tab (Proctorio does not work with assignments). You can check the “Enable Proctorio Secure Exam Proctor” option in the individual quiz/exam settings (Note: Proctorio automatically handles the password. Never change it or share it with students).

How do I find and manage Proctorio settings?

After enabling Proctorio for an exam, you can go to the “Proctorio Settings” at the top of the quiz editing screen and adjust the proctoring details. If you are unsure what each option does, click the question mark at its top-right corner to watch a short video tutorial.

Can I disable Proctorio for a particular student?

Yes. You can allow a particular student to take the exam without Proctorio by going into the exam and clicking the “Moderate this Quiz” button to the right (above SpeedGrader). Then, uncheck the checkbox for the Proctorio column.

How can I help my students prepare for a proctored exam?

Below is a list of things students should prepare before the exam:

  • Stable internet connection
  • Web camera
  • Microphone
  • Identification (if you want to require it)
  • A supported web browser (Edge, Chrome, Opera, Brave)
  • Proctorio browser extension
  • An environment where they might feel comfortable while being recorded

You might also want to offer a Proctorio practice quiz which can allow students to be better prepared, as well as additional detailed documentation. You can import the practice quiz and documentation from the Canvas Commons (the module’s name is “Proctorio Secure Exam Proctor”).

How do I review the exam proctoring results?

To review exam/quiz proctoring results, go to the exam/quiz and select the “View Proctorio Gradebook” button (underneath the SpeedGrader button).

Please note: the suspicious score generated by Proctorio is helpful as a reference. Actual student behaviors can be affected by various environmental factors. We recommend that you spot-check random points in any flagged recordings.

What if Proctorio doesn’t seem to be working in my course?

First, please ensure students use a supported browser with the Proctorio extension installed. Consider re-installing the Proctorio browser extension (in Chrome, you can do this by right-clicking on the shield icon in the browser’s top-right corner and selecting “Remove from Chrome”). After that, re-install the Proctorio browser extension once again and restart the browser.

Where can I get technical support for Proctorio?

If you (or your students) continue to experience technical issues after you have:

  • checked to make sure you/they are using a supported browser
  • ensured the Proctorio browser extension is installed
  • attempted to re-install the extension

Proctorio offers 24/7 technical support via live chat, email, or phone at (480) 428-4089 or toll-free (866) 948-9248.

You may also submit a ticket to Miami’s IT Help to notify Miami Online staff of any issues.

Where can I learn more about Proctorio?

Proctorio provides online information that you can consult if you want to learn more about its features. You can also reach out to Miami Online.


Review Proctorio’s Personal Data Protections page to learn how it manages its users’ data.


Visit Proctorio’s Accessibility page to learn how it meets requirements for diverse learners.


Miami’s IT Services tracks students’ frequently asked questions about Proctorio in its Knowledge Base.