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Can I create a “Watch” assignment in VoiceThread for a YouTube video?

Yes! You can embed a YouTube video in a VoiceThread presentation that you use for a Watch assignment. The beauty of adding YouTube videos in VoiceThread is that it removes pop-up ads while the video is playing and doesn’t show random “recommended videos” at its end, plus you can add a message or directions for students as additional slides to go with your YouTube videos.

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Can I play a video during a Webex meeting?

Yes, but how you’ll play your video will depend on whether you have a file for your video or you’ll be playing it from a hosting site like YouTube.

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Can students upload video assignments to YouTube?

All Miami students have YouTube accounts through their miamioh.edu credentials that provide access to higher-level features; it’s provided to them (and everyone with a @miamioh.edu account) via our Google Apps for Education account.