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How do I require someone to make a copy of my Google Doc?

It’s fairly simple to “hack” the link to a Google Doc (or Sheet, Slide, etc.) so that whoever you share it with will be required to make their own copy. This allows you to use the file as a template, so students (or anyone else) can edit their own version without making changes to your original version.

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Why can’t students access a Google link that I’ve shared?

This issue is likely related to students not being signed in to their MiamiOH.edu Gmail account in their Chrome browser but a personal one instead. Chrome remembers your last Google sign-in, and it’ll sign you into all new Google apps you launch via a link within it, even if you’re already signed in to your Miami Gmail account in one of your browser tabs.

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How do I set up a Canvas assignment when students are submitting a Google Doc?

This question that comes up a lot because the assignment submission options are kind of oddly named in Canvas. In your assignment’s settings, scroll down to the Submission Type box, and select Online on the dropdown menu’s options, then select the Website URL checkbox.