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Method to the Madness: Using Human Factors Principles to Guide Remote Teaching

Dr. Jay Smart explains how he “rapidly and accurately” adapted his in-person learning experience into an online learning experience during the pandemic. Read more.

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Faculty Share Ideas and Advice for Online Teaching

We surveyed faculty to find out their plans for the Fall semester in an effort to share insights with the wider Miami community. Last week, we shared how instructors plan to adjust their courses to be remote for one month.  Now, we’re sharing ideas or advice that faculty would give to their colleagues who may be new…
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Surveying the Teaching and Learning Landscape

How Faculty Are Planning for Fall 2020

Last week, we surveyed faculty to find out their plans for the Fall semester so that we could share them with the wider Miami community. We’ve received a lot of great insight and feedback from the survey, so much so that we’ll roll out a series of articles ahead of the Fall start. In light…
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Faculty Spotlight: Lynette Hudiburgh

Lynette Hudiburgh taught STA 261 online seven years ago and had an epiphany. If this course was so successful for her and her students, why would she revert back to a traditional lecture when teaching her face-to-face course?

Faculty Spotlight: Jessica Sparks

Dr. Sparks saw the need and opportunity to transform an introductory chemical and bioengineering course into an online course first-year students could take during J-term.

Faculty Spotlight: Tim Cameron

When Tim Cameron first began teaching, his classrooms would be equipped with chalkboards, overhead transparencies, and 35mm slides. Now, he uses a tablet in the classroom – if he’s even in a classroom at all.

Faculty Spotlight: Mark Curnutte

As a race and social justice reporter for the Cincinnati Enquirer, Miami alum Mark Curnutte is used to forging connections with “the real world”. For students here at Miami University, however, it might not be so easy.

Faculty Spotlight: Ricardo Averbach

What do you do when you find out you will miss the entire first week of classes? Professor Ricardo Averbach, the Director of Orchestral Studies, found himself in that very situation when he had to travel abroad for a concert.