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Discussion Techniques

“Learning how to use online class-discussion forums,” one veteran online instructor writes in the Chronicle of Higher Education, “is probably the smartest, and easiest, thing you can do to improve your online teaching and your students’ learning”.

3-Minute Message

This discussion activity is a great way to wrap-up a class session’s topic and have students synthesize what they’ve learned and/or apply it to real-world scenarios.

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How do students submit a video?

Students can upload and embed a video directly via Kaltura My Media in the textbox editor that appears in both Canvas discussions and assignments.

How to Create Effective Online Discussions

So, you spent a great deal of time designing and developing your course. You have created measurable learning outcomes and implemented various assessments to ensure students meet them. You put together a wide range of interactive, engaging, accessible activities for the students to interact with yourself, the material, and each other. The content is varied,…
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