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Discussion Techniques

“Learning how to use online class-discussion forums,” one veteran online instructor writes in the Chronicle of Higher Education, “is probably the smartest, and easiest, thing you can do to improve your online teaching and your students’ learning”.

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Can I use VoiceThread for a video annotation activity?

Yes—VoiceThread is a great tool for annotating video, and it would work well regardless of whether students were completing the activity during class time or asynchronously.

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Can I create a “Watch” assignment in VoiceThread for a YouTube video?

Yes! You can embed a YouTube video in a VoiceThread presentation that you use for a Watch assignment. The beauty of adding YouTube videos in VoiceThread is that it removes pop-up ads while the video is playing and doesn’t show random “recommended videos” at its end, plus you can add a message or directions for students as additional slides to go with your YouTube videos.

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How do I set up a Canvas assignment when students are submitting a Google Doc?

This question that comes up a lot because the assignment submission options are kind of oddly named in Canvas. In your assignment’s settings, scroll down to the Submission Type box, and select Online on the dropdown menu’s options, then select the Website URL checkbox.

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How do students submit a video?

Students can upload and embed a video directly via Kaltura My Media in the textbox editor that appears in both Canvas discussions and assignments.