Engaging Students Across Modalities

There are several great resources on managing multiple audiences for your course and making the best use of the choices available to you for structuring your class. Regardless of the terminology — hyflex, multimodal, blended, the concurrent classroom, or mode neutral pedagogy — there is something for nearly any situation.

A great place to start to get a firm foundation for how things will work in your classroom is this overview of classroom technology available at Miami University. Colleagues across campus have provided instructions and insights on all the technologies available in campus classrooms.

To gain an overall sense of the options you have and some specific recommendations on how to approach them, see 6 Tips for Teaching Online and In-Person Simultaneously from our friends at Inside Higher Ed. Also, see what some are thinking about what they call the “Concurrent Classroom.”

Finally, one of the more complete and useful resources comes from the Center for Teaching Innovation at Cornell. Their In-Person Teaching with Remote Students page offers an in-depth look at the various issues to consider when working with dual audiences.

If you would like more information on topics beyond working with multiple audiences, be sure to see our Flexible Formats: A Primer for Faculty Decision-Making guide, the Resources from our Regionals colleagues, and the overview provided by Educause. For a complete treatment of the HyFlex model, see the free ebook, Hybrid-Flexible Course Design by Brian Beatty.