Blood on the Clocktower Review

James Baker
Mr. Bragg
Blood on the Clocktower
For starters, I really enjoyed Blood on the Clock Tower and I’d say it was one of my favorite games we’ve played so far. The hardest part for me was one of two things being either trying to account for all the possible roles that could mess up the information I had on people or trying to figure out when was an appropriate time to give the information I did have. I think the first one is more explainable because there were several roles that people mentioned like being drunk or poisoned that would mess up my intel and it was hard to account for as a new player. I did struggle with knowing when I could and couldn’t talk because it seemed like only the accuser and accused could talk during the whole process so I had let someone die who I knew was safe because of my role.
This game does require leadership and that was shown to me when another player asked what I knew and helped share my information as well as teaching me when I could speak. I also think the voting process requires leadership as you need a compelling reason in some cases to vote somebody out.
I think my mom would enjoy playing this game as she really loved the game One Night Ultimate Werewolf which isn’t very different from Blood on the Clocktower. The class session was a lot of fun though and really well managed with a lot of the class having played before. Still, as shown in my example before, the players who did know what they were doing did a great job teaching the few of us who didn’t really know what we were doing.