What Type of Gamer Am I?

On the board game quiz, I scored high in conflict and extremely high in social manipulation. If I’m playing a competitive game, I prefer to be able to directly interfere with the other players. Social manipulation games are a ton of fun and there are plenty to pick from. Most of these games have an ‘evil’ team that is outnumbered but has more knowledge than the other team. The fun of this side is tricking the other players into trusting you. The other side usually has less info and must find out who in the group is against them. The game typically helps you deduce who not to trust in the game.

For the next category I had a high strategy score and a decent score in discovery. I usually spend a lot of time planning out my turn in games, if not several turns ahead. It’s always satisfying when a plan finally pays off. For discovery I tend to have a habitat of letting others recommend what games to play. While I do have a list of favorites that I like to reply I’m always interested in learning something new. Also if I know in advance I’ll be playing a new game I try to study the rules in advance to know what to do.

One of my highest scores was immersion, compared to a low aesthetic grade. My interest in a game is heavily determined by how thematic it is. I do like games that are more mechanic focused like Azul but tend to only try them out at the recommendation of others. When a game has a well-built world, I sometimes spend time reading the lore specifically like with Sentinels of the Multiverse. For aesthetics this is largely something I ignore. While nice components in a game are a cool plus I care more about the game being affordable.

Finally, I had a very low social fun score and a considerable score in cooperation. When I’m playing games, I tend to take them seriously and strategize heavily, as indicated by my previous score. I’m not the biggest fan of ‘party games’ which are likely the most popular for this category. A lot of my favorite board games are co-op games against the game. However, the ones I like are heavy on strategy in order to win. The players usually all have different abilities emphasizing the need to work together.