Game of the Week Blog Reflection 3: Mysterium

While I was one of the people in the class who had played Mysterium before it was my first time playing as the ghost. As the ghost I had a significant leadership role at the table. As the only player who knew what cards belonged to each player I had to give hints to them all to help them find their match. The other players could assist each other as much as they wanted to interpret my clues as a team. My role was more solitary, occasionally I would overhear a discussion that would inspire a latter clue. For the most part though I was alone in predicting how players would view my vague hints and trying to avoid leading them all astray.

The main draw of the game is also its biggest challenge, communication. I was unable to speak throughout the game and only could give hints through cards with abstract artwork. Sometimes there would be details on the cards to directly relate to the card a player needs. At other times a combination of cards could help point out minor details that might otherwise go unnoticed with only a single card. Despite my best efforts though at times the cards I had available didn’t have good connections to what I needed. I did what I could for some sort of relationship but these were the most common situations where players were unable to decipher what my hints meant.

In the game for my table the first round went perfectly. All six mediums were able to correctly guess their person thanks to some very helpful cards I drew. Our luck didn’t last though as even after using a raven very few of my cards were helpful for the locations. Only two players managed to get their location correct on their first guess, and both proceeded to get their weapon correct on the first choice. Two more players had some difficulty but managed to finish not far behind. Unfortunately the last two players had similar weapons and I couldn’t figure out how to use my cards to help them. Even with using the second raven we failed to make it to the final round. I did like playing as a ghost as much if not more than a medium so I definitely would be willing to try again for a win.