Game of the Week Blog Reflection 5: Fiasco Week 3

“Fiasco” is not so much a running game, as it is an impromptu drama between friends. It has a very high degree of openness, and the rules are so simple that there are almost no rules. The set scenes are like a dog-blood movie, playing ( In other words, there must be a plot reversal during performance. This game is inspired by third-rate thrilling comedy movies where things will always get messed up. You play an ordinary person with lofty ambitions and low self-control. On the other hand, things are not going well. In fact, the story will probably end up in a rout of suspicion, murder and mutual revealing of ugliness. The guy you play will be killed, ruined, and learned a bitter lesson. If you are lucky enough, the end result will only return to the original point.

As far as playability is concerned, friends around me have played this game no less than 20 times. There are 3, 4, and 5 games. I can say very responsibly that the playability is very high, even if it’s just a script. It’s okay to play 5-8 times, because every time the story is set differently, everyone’s story direction is different, and the final ending is very different. Moreover, the requirements of this game for players, any player without board game experience can directly participate, not only there is no moderator, and no preparation time… You can start after 10 minutes of explaining the rules. Of course, the threshold of this game lies not in the rules, but in the players themselves. According to my own definition and habitual expression, I think this game requires players to take the initiative. He/she needs to actively participate in the game, tell stories, interact with others, play, etc…

This game has no difference between victory and defeat. The main process experience, whether the whole story is wonderful or not is the only criterion for judging the game experience. Moreover, its props are very streamlined, with dozens of various official modules and various player original modules, which doubles the reopening rate of the game. “Life is like a play, it all depends on acting.” When we create a very interesting plot, everyone has a great sense of accomplishment. , And as long as everyone has a good brain and loves to chat, they will have a lot of fun, and all kinds of festivals will be lost, and the acting skills will be greatly improved.