week 1 roll player

This week we played Roll player! It is a really fun game with the goal of creating a top notch character by the end of it with dice. Most of the game is strategizing your next moves with how to maximize the points the dice and cards will give you. The game seems simple with 3 phases however the longer you play the more intricate you realize it is. 

We had a lot of issues with getting online where 2 of us continued to disconnect throughout and the steam version of the game would not work properly. Eventually we got around them but I feel like that really affected our gameplay. The most difficult part of the game for me was focusing on all the different aspects I needed in order to maximize points. I think I started to get a handle on it near the end of the game but we ended right as I realized that I had to rethink my whole strategy. Honestly it seemed pretty fun, even though it was confounding at times and I really want to play again because I think I could prioritize the aspects that would yield more points better if I would play again.

I think this game showed an often overlooked side to leadership, that being juggling tasks and prioritizing certain jobs over others. In the game certain tasks gave more points, like getting the right attributes to the right level, but other tasks like matching the colors of the dice, were easier to do but yielded more points. It is the job of a leader to figure out which task is going to show the best results and I think this game did an excellent job of illustrating that point. In class near the end of the game it definitely hit me that I had been giving some tasks far more importance than I should have and I am almost certain that if we kept playing I would have lost.