Game of the Week Blog Reflection 5: Incan Gold and Can’t Stop

this week we are playing i can’t stop on the tabletop simulator. can’t stop is one of the most exciting games i have played because its name illustrates everything: can’t stop! its rule is very simple. people just need to roll the dices and if the dices match the route you chose, you can go, if not, you will lose everything you have done in your turn. in this week’s game we have four players.i think i am the type of person who is willing to take risks because i don’t want to stop if i gain lots of the advantages in my turn. however, the result is not always fun. because i like taking risks, which means i never stop when i get the dices in my turn, i always return to where i was when the dices turn out to be not matching my route.

i like this game very much because you need some strategies to win the game. however, compared to the strategies you use, i think the most important factor that can determine whether you are going to win or lose is luck. if a person always gets what he or she wants, he or she will definitely win because this game is essentially a luck-based game. the session goes well because every player in the group is eager to win. moreover, because this game is not that hard and the rule is very simple, people in my group get familiar with the game in a very short time.

in my opinion, there is only one thing that i don’t like during the session, that is communication. because this game does not require much communication, people in my group are silent most of the time during the play session. i don’t criticize that my group is not talking, i just want they talk more to make the game more interesting.

this game is like speculating stock in the stock market. the dices are just like the stock, if you believe your are lucky, and your chosen stock’s price will increase in the future, you will earn the money. if not, you lose all of your money. because i am a finance major student, this game helps me realize the weakness i have. as for leadership, i think the leadership in this game is to tell people when to stop and when to take the risk. because this game does not entirely depend on the luck, people also need to use strategies to help them win the game. therefore my leadership here is to tell people when to take the risk and when they should use strategy to win.