GOTW – Ladies & Gentlemen

Ladies & Gentlemen is a really fun group game that I played in the course, EDL290T, at Miami University. The players in the game are split onto two sides: the ladies and the gentleman. Players select which side they want to be on, and it works best if you have an even number of players. Each player is paired with someone from the other side. The two of them work together to win the game. Although it is one greater game, there are two games being played simultaneously. The players on the gentlemen side flip over tokens attempting to find ones that will bring in the most money. The ladies are unaware of how much money the men are making. While the gentlemen play their game, the ladies go shopping to pick out clothing. After these games, the ladies have to pick something for the gentlemen to buy. This is a really fun game to play, especially since people get very into their character as a lady or a gentleman. I played as a gentleman. The hardest part for me was figuring out how to spend my money as best as I could. I sometimes had to decline purchasing something for my lady so that I could save more money for other things. I think this game relates to leadership because it greatly involves teamwork with a twist. Pairs have to work together without knowing everything about their partner. This encourages people to find alternate ways to communicate. It also encourages people to not just think about themselves. In life, people need to take into account other peoples’ needs to accomplish a common goal. I would recommend this game for a family or friend game night. I think the energy of the game would be great for both of these groups. I really enjoyed this game, and I recommend that you play it!