GOTW – Free Play

Unfortunately, my time at Miami University was cut short due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I became very bored in my home and found myself playing many games on my iPhone. One game I really enjoyed during this time was Nonograms. A nonogram is similar to sudoku. The game app Nonograms allows players to play on different sized grids. The sides of the gridded board have numbers indicating which spaces on the grid should be colored in. Players have to work to figure out which parts should be colored in. When a grid is complete, it reveals an image. The hardest part of the game is when there are multiple different moves that can be made, but you do not know which is correct. Sometimes, you have to test things out to see if they will work. The app only allows you to make three mistakes. If you make more than three, you can watch an advertisement for more lives or start over. This makes the game more difficult. I think this game relates to leadership in a few ways. In leadership, it is important to strategize, plan ahead, and think of different outcomes. All of these are present in this game. Players really need to plan ahead and think about the moves they make. Leaders need to do this so they can best support others or their mission. I would recommend this game to anyone. I think this is a really fun game that anyone of any age could play. I really enjoyed this game and recommend it to anyone who is likely for a fun and peaceful game to play!