GOTW – Mysterium – Belkowitz

During the fourth week of EDL290T, our class played Mysterium. Mysterium is a game where players work cooperatively to determine how someone was murdered. One player plays the role of a ghost and does not speak. The other players attempt to solve the mystery. The ghost is able to see a board that has each player on it. The board tells the ghost information such as what weapon was used, or which location is involved. The other players cannot see this board. Every round, the ghost gives cards to the players. The ghost is supposed to give cards that hint toward what a player needs to guess. Players work together to determine what the ghost is trying to tell them. That is the hardest part of the game. It is sometimes very difficult to figure out what the ghost wants the players to do. Sometimes the cards are very unclear, which makes it difficult to figure out what the ghost is trying to communicate. Players have to work together and communicate to accomplish a common goal. Players all want to figure out the information about the murder. Teamwork is a very important leadership skill, and it comes into play in this game. It is very important that the players all work together. I think this would be a fun family game. Family members would have to work together to solve the mystery, and I think having one player as a silent player would make the game fun for a family. This is a very interesting game, and it was fun to play.