Small World Reflection

Small World was a game I brought in during the free game week. Small World is a fantasy war game where each faction has a special thing about them and these faction cards are paired at random with unique abilities or powers. This gives the game great replayibility because the factions will be different every time you play based on the ability they are paired with. The hardest part of the game is realizing when you need to set your race into decline. A race in decline still gives you points but most of your faction is wiped from the map and you select a new faction to play as. Sometimes you think that your race is awesome! It may have an overpowered ability paired with it that really complements the faction well. However, in Small World resources are limited and you will eventually need to go into decline when your resource spreads too far out and thins itself out. I think the most leadership that happens in the game is negotiating with other players. You will often need to make negotiate through wars with other players and talk your way out of sticky situations or military aggression. If a player is highly skilled at this they can convince certain players to team up with them or cause other players to attack each other over attacking them. I think my friend Brandi would really enjoy this game because she enjoys lighter war games and enjoys when games have aesthetically pleasing components. Obviously, I enjoy the game because it is in my personal collection!

~ Ryan Estep