Week 5 – Two Rooms And A Boom

In week #5 we played Two Rooms and a Boom, which is a large role playing party game. To date this has been my least favorite game in the class, not because it is a bad game per say, but more so because it is not the type of game I enjoy playing. The most difficult part of Two Rooms and A Boom is secrecy and communication (also highly dependent on the character cards). I found it challenging to talk to everyone in the game because a lot of players were not willing to openly share information, choosing rather to keep their identities secret, which can be extremely challenging especially if you are a member of the grey team (as I was when I played as the gambler).

While I did not feel like there were many direct leadership concepts in this game, leadership does play a large part in the game. Each room has a leader which is designated by the group and can be voted out at any time, so in that regard leadership is present for that player in making good decisions and communicating with the other people on their team and in the room to make beneficial decisions.

I would recommend this game to party game lovers. I don’t know anyone close to me that would enjoy this game, maybe my friend Emily as the game is pretty social and she does enjoy talking to people and party style games more so than other types of board games. The game is definitely meant to be played with a large group and could function as a fun ice breaker!