game of the week blog reflection #1

On this day we played a game called Avalon in class. I had never heard of it before being introduced to it that day. The hardest part about it is how you have to be deceptive in your moves in order to not reveal who your character is. This is hard because you want to lead your side to victory without blatantly letting others know your intentions. because then they will be thwarted. Some of the ties it has with leadership are when it is your turn to be the “leader” and you get to choose who will come along your quest with you. The entire round and outcome basically depends on your choice of people because they could be god or evil (and your choice also depends on whether or not you are good or evil). I think that one of my friends on the volleyball team, Katie, would really enjoy playing this game because she enjoys being secretive and knowing things that other people don’t know. She also had a leadership role on our team (captain) and likes that kind of power.