Betrayal of the House on the Hill

During week 3 of EDL 290T B, we played Betrayal at the House on the Hill. I found this game rather entertaining as it felt like a step up from the cooperative games we played the last two weeks. Although we were still playing with a cooperative style, this game made things more interesting by having anybody join the other side. Every game, the person who is evil varies every game based on how your game is progressing. I also was intrigued by the first part of the game where you spend turns exploring the floors of the house. I thought this was really cool because it made each game unique in the sense that the floor plan of the game varies each time you play. The idea of having characters being able to hold items and omens for future use is pretty cool. This game made me think about each move by using strategic planning in order for a better outcome in the game. I think that this game emphasized communication skills among players. I think that a few of my friends would enjoy this game if they played it.